Stories With Sol ft. Mowgli!

Before I left Australia for this Indo, the boys at Sol Invictus took the time to get to know me a little bit and how I came to love my first motorcycle, their Mercury 250. They had heard I had been riding the thing all over the state, and took a interest in my little moto surf adventures.

This video is nostalgic for me in a lot of ways. It’s filmed down at Maroubra beach where I called home and spent tons of hours in the water and where many of my best friends live. We also shot in Newtown, one of my favorite suburbs in Sydney, at Rising Sun Workshop. The boys at RSW taught me heaps about this bike and helped prepare me for life on the road. And for obvious reasons, I’m nostalgic because my Mercury was the first bike I ever bought, a bike that took me all over the coast and got me hooked on the feelin’.

I’m super stoked on how it came out, thanks to Adrian Korner from Sol Invictus for putting it together and allowing me to have beautiful little clip to remember my first bike by.

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