The Trip

Indonesia is home to some of the best waves in the world. Its’ culture is vast and unique, each island differing from the next in native language, religious beliefs and traditions. These things coupled with an absolutely stunning landscape make it the perfect frontier for a trip for a wild surfer girl traveling by motorcycle.

My trip will begin on June 3rd in conjunction with international Ride Sunday. I’ll be helping to lead a group ride to raise money towards a local Balinese charity as well as my chosen charity, RAINN. (For more info, see my blog on Ride Sunday here)

And then I’m off to the open road! The trip will be broken into two parts:

On Part of the trip 1 I will travel east from Bali to Lombok and Sumbawa, surfing, trekking and adventuring my way through to my favorite wave in East Sumbawa, Lakey Peak. Here we might see me trekking up Lombok’s picturesque Mt. Rinjani, surfing waves like Desert Point, Kuta Lombok, or Lakey peak, all while checking out the beautiful cultural sights on offer.

For Part 2 of the trip I’ll be headed West. From Bali I’ll ride into to the wave and culture rich Java.  I’ll surf waves like Batu Karas, Cimaja, and Pacitan, before heading to Indonesia’s capital of Jakarta to hang out and ride with the Elders Company crew. From Jakarta I’ll head to Sumatra, where I’ll hit up the incredible waves in Krui before finishing off my trip in every surfers dream destination – The Mentawai Islands.

When I leave Bali, all bets are off. I’ll let the road and swell charts lead me to my next destination, hoping to let adventure be the compass that guides me through this beautiful archipelago.






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