Where’s Mowgli? A look back at Ride Sunday

On June 3rd a small group rode out on an early Sunday morning as strangers to one another, and 10 hours later they ended the day like family.

When I found out I would be in Bali for Ride Sunday I immediately started ticking away in my mind about how I would do my ride and hoping, maybe, I wouldn’t have to do it alone. Ride Sunday is a global movement that sees motorcyclists all over the world ride out in order to fundraise towards their chosen cause. I knew early on that I wanted to ride for RAINN, America’s largest anti-sexual violence organisation. But I didn’t know with who I would ride, or where I would go. Here enters Ash Thomsen.

Ash is a native Australian turned Bali-bikie transplant who is currently running the Litas Canggu and is heavily involved in the budding moto scene here on the island. Through the awesome network of girls in The Litas (yay, girls supporting girls for the win!!) I was able to connect with Ash and get some much needed help on planning a Ride Sunday group ride in Bali. Basically, she saved my ass.

So if I brought the passion, Ash brought the planning (and the people) and we were away. 8 AM at Deus Canggu was the call. 4 bikes and 6 crew showed up, and what followed was by far the most beautiful group ride I’ve ever been on.

We rode up through the center of Bali, into the mountains and back down through the west coast, winding through some of the most insanely lush green twisties and sleepy Bali villages. I raised only just shy of $200 towards my chosen cause but still ended the day with a heart filled with gratitude towards those who donated and the people riding along side me.

We finished the long day of riding at Canggu’s Pretty Poison, toasting over cocktails with dirt and massive smiles on every face.

Kate Goodwin, a Melbourne bred bad-ass, came along for the ride and took some incredible photos. Have a look at the beautiful day through her eyes:

Thanks to all of you who donated. Sexual violence is a crime that happens to too many people all too often. Thank you to so many who helped support the cause.

Check out more of Kate’s photography work here.

If you’re planning on riding in Bali and want to see the beauty of the island that the tour books won’t show you, connect with Ash here.

Saddle bags by Pack Animal

Helmet by Bell Helmets

Bike by Treasure Garage

Apparel by SAINT

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